About Morton Creek

Seeking 600 total head of cow/calf pairs for the 2018 summer only grazing season. May 15 to October 31.


Morton Creek Grazing Association was founded in 2012 by Don Dodds after selling off his sheep in 2011.  The ranch has been in the same family for over 100 years. The ranch is just shy of 15,000 acres divided into 4 unequal pastures. We pride ourselves upon our sheep/cow tight fences with between 1 to 3 barb wires above. Their are numerous water sources spread across the entire ranch. 5 water wells, numerous live water springs, creeks and drainage from the surrounding high country. Strong native grass mix make this ranch an attractive grazing opportunity. Corrals. Contract.

$30.00 - or highest bid - Prepay

Bulls - $10 over

Horses - $100.00 p/m

No camps

No hunting 


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